Not that I'd ever waste my time on those silly online quizzes... But if I did? I'd find affirmation of a nerd hiding in my left brain, and an artist in the right.

For me, photography perfectly fulfills both sides. And I love learning the rules *almost* as much as I love breaking them.

My happy place is behind the camera, documenting the everyday shenanigans of my two girls -- one spirited ball of energy + one sweet valentine . I'm also blessed with a charmingly witty husband, and a yippy yappy yorkie who's never far from my heels.

Other irreconcilable loves:
・vivid color photographs + moody black & whites

・girls' night outs + binge-watching nights in

・flip-flops + scarves

・green smoothies + red wine

・mornings at the soccer field + evenings at the pool

・The Golden Girls + Breaking Bad

Thanks so much for visiting! Please stay and have a look around.
Then go ahead and take the brain quiz -- you know you want to ;)

xoxo Christina