August 5, 2015

the most wonderful time of the year

Summer swim season: our Christmas in July. ♥

I swear I do occasionally photograph my kids' other sports ;)... they just rarely make an appearance here.  Soccer, I'm forever a couple seasons behind in editing.  Dance, by the time my OCD has mastered the perfect recital bun x 2, there's little time left to document them.  And basketball?  Two words: fluorescent light. Ick.

So summer swimming is where it's at: my camera + my heart.  An every-day-for-6-weeks-rain-or-shine throwback to my own glory days.  I'm so grateful they love it too.

This year was my youngest's swim team debut.  Two months ago, I wasn't certain she'd make the length of the pool without stopping.  Bwahahahaha, silly mommy.  She showed me...

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