August 5, 2014

glory days

Anatomy of a Swim Meet: the recap is pretty spot-on and makes me smile. A crazypants kid swimmer myself, I went on to coach during my college years, and this summer I've finally made the transition to swim mom -- hands down, the best role yet. Not only because she's now the one in the water on those chilly mornings (while I cozy up poolside... in a warm sweatshirt... with a hot coffee). But also because I get to be her biggest cheerleader, watching her hard work pay off meet after meet. And most of all, because I have this daily reminder of the childhood I was blessed with... the fun I had both in and out of the water all those years with my summer friends... and I'm beyond grateful that she seems to love it just as much. It kind of brings tears to my eyes. And makes my husband roll his, as he hums "Glory Da-ays". Whatev, there's volumes of VHS-taped football highlights where that came from ;)

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