November 26, 2012

With a Little Help From Her Friends...

...she's been celebrating the Big 0-6 all month long.☺

I'm sitting down to write this following her (actual) birthday dinner out tonight... which followed her classroom celebration this afternoon... which followed her party for friends last weekend... which followed her party for family the weekend before that. Phew. What began as a valiant effort in homecooking + crafting at the first couple shindigs concluded with a last-minute Target run for lame-o canned frosting + gummy worms for the (I-almost-forgot-she-needed-a-)school treat today.

But I love this kid so, so much.
I love that my kids' best friends are my best friend's kids. (did y'all follow that??)

I love that she was sooo excited waiting for her guests to arrive for her first "friend" party and that those little friends were adorable, had impeccable manners, and ate their vegetables to boot.

I love that our tiny living room was somehow big enough to house a Taylor Swift dance party and Doc McStuffins clinic, concurrently.

I love that my husband and mom humor me in my crafting aspirations, even when they prove to be a bit lofty.☺

And... I love that after a few hours of trampling through the house with high-pitched squeals, these cute little girls all went home to their own cute little beds. p.s. Moms, when do the sleepovers start?? I'm thinking... never?? ;)

Happy 6th Birthday, C. Your momma tends to get embarrassingly sappy with these types of posts (really, 6 YEARS??) but tonight all I feel for you is joy. Joy that at such a young age, you have been blessed with friendship. I know in the years to come, there will be many ups and downs, with large doses of girlie drama in between, but I will always be here for you to help sort through it all. I pray that one or two of these pretty faces stay with you through the decades, and that one day, you are as blessed with lifelong friendships as I have been. I love you, I love you more, and I love you most. xoxo, Mommy


  1. I love that your best friend's kids are your kid's best friends too ;) xoxo

  2. You are making me tear up! It looks like your not-so-little girlie had a great party!