November 1, 2012

10/12: {The Way I View} Halloween

November 1st. Namasté.

I'll be honest: Halloween kind of exhausts me. Super fun but... So many parties. So much noise. So.Much.Sugar.

And copious amounts of photos just in time for our monthly project. It's no surprise that my favorites were taken in the quieter moments of the days leading up. Because throughout October, we grocery shop, bank, dog walk, farmers market, even doctor's office in style:

And once the errands are complete,

Enjoying a bit of calm before the next storm.
Because, well...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

{Quick, soak up the last bit of Halloween fun before the carols hit the radio(!):
start with Melissa Gibson's cuties and follow the blog circle around.}


  1. Awesome! Love the girls wearing costumes on an everyday basis :) The second shot of your little one kissing through the star is wonderful!!

  2. Oh, Christina, how I adore each and every one of these! The first one especially just makes my heart melt... And I love the ones too of her in the store in a costume but with Christmas stuff all around--it's PERFECT!!

  3. The first one is just priceless! Love those little pigtails. Adorable all around, Christina! <3

  4. These are so fun although I think I have a sugar hangover just from looking....that 1st one is todiefor!!!

  5. oh my gosh this is AWESOME! looks like yall have had a great time! i love the look on her face in the first image!