October 15, 2012

Shot for Jen

A few days ago, the photography community lost a beautiful, talented, and courageous young mom, following a year-long battle with ovarian cancer.  Late last evening, I found out that a tribute was being planned in loving memory of Jen Burgess Thompson: a series of self-portraits of us with our kids, to be posted on Monday.  My girls were in bed (but still squawking), I was in sweats, and the tripod was in the basement collecting dust. No time like the present.

For the record, I had every intention of at least poking my head up as they snuggled on my chest ;) but trying to coordinate the camera's self-timer with two rascally kids up past their bedtime?? Oh well, 2 out of 3 faces ain't bad... Plus I couldn't resist their devious grins here.

No, this dimly lit, mommy-has-two-hands-but-no-face photo won't be going in my portfolio anytime soon.  But I love that I have this moment captured with them, and for them... I hope it helps them to remember these late-night snuggles and snippets of their bedtime routine.  The books, the stories, the songs, the back scratches, the hugs and the butterfly/eskimo/fish-lips kisses.  The I love you - I love you more - I love you mosts.  And although I'm pretty sure they'll one day forget about the 2am stripping of wet sheets or the 4am microwaving of heating pads and rubbing of growing-pained-knees, I won't.  I'm forever grateful for the good and the bad, the giggles and the tears.  And I'm feeling so blessed to be a mommy today --a healthy mom of 2 healthy kids. 

Pop over to our Daily Project to see more.  Join us in praying for Jen's friends & family, especially her two young sons.  And hold your babies a little tighter tonight.

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