July 2, 2012

6/12: {The Way I View} Fatherhood

We're halfway through our monthly project, and (somehow, already??) halfway through the year...

This month, a tribute to a few very special dads, who all pitched in to build a new play structure for their (our) little girls.  My dad, my husband, my father-in-law, and even a favorite dad next door, with a few pint-sized helpers thrown in for good measure.

Cheers to these talented craftsmen,
whose laughter (I think?) outweighed their cussing.☺

And a glimpse at their girls, in their glories, with the finished product --
(...more to come in a later post!)

In the meantime, be sure to check out my friends' views on fatherhood, starting with Beira Brown and following the circle around.


  1. Love these, Christina ! I can imagine the girls were over the moon with their new playhouse !

  2. Fantastic story-telling Christina! Love these - especially the beers ;) Adele x

  3. ADORE!!! we can all relate to your beautiful photographs, Christina. so well done!

  4. "Whose laughter (I think?) outweighed their cussing"...LOL!
    What a great post for the theme! I love how you included the detail shots. I bet the girls are so happy with their new playset! (love that last image...so colorful and fun!)

  5. Awesome! These are such a great story :)

  6. love love love. we went through the toils of building a swingset last year, and these are fantastic photos. love the black and whites, and that last one? how do you do that??! xoxo

  7. These are just delightful! What wonderful captures of a day that the girls will enjoy the reward from for a very long time. Priceless!

  8. Love these! I especially love the last one--can't see their faces but I imagine they are grinning from ear to ear thanks to the great men in their lives!