December 22, 2011


Dec 2009
I couldn't help but go back and dig up the last cookie post --exactly one year ago today.

And Snapfish's account from 2 years ago, when the big girls had first gotten their aprons.→

We blinked, and here we are.  Sniff, sniff.

The little ones were finally big enough for aprons of their own this year, and decorating attention spans grew as well (from about 5 to 7 minutes!)

A couple more years, and they're not going to have much use for us at the table.   That should that probably make me sad.  But truth be told?  Sitting back and watching our little elves --mug of spiked cider in hand-- doesn't sound too painful either.☺

She's already giving me a run for my money with her attention to detail...

And this one?...

Let's just say it was easy to pick out her "I all done" cookies from the bunch.
Nibble nibble.
{Quality Control}

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