November 27, 2011


Funny that my last post was titled One Week...  Because wasn't it just yesterday that we were bringing a newborn home on a balmy November day??  I don't think "five" is hitting me like kindergarten will next fall.  Yay, I remain in denial awhile longer. ☺

A few highlights from her week-long celebration.

"When you're 5."  The answer we've given her since she started asking for gum at 2...!


  1. Oh my....Where do I begin?

    1. Your girls are ADORABLE! Happy Birthday Charlotte! This party idea is so cute and I love her cake and invitation. You are soooo creative.

    2. The picture of the two girls snuggling with the farm animals is amazing. You are so lucky to have this wonderful talent. Your girls are so lucky to have all of these memories captured so beautifully.

    3. Your photography is stunning. It gets better every time I check out your blog. Keep it up girlfriend!!! :)