September 10, 2011

36/52: Thirst for Knowledge {Back to School}

It's hard to believe that Charlotte was still 2 --just a couple months older than Molly is now-- when she first sported this backpack.  It seemed to dwarf her back then.  I remember perfectly the outfit, the pigtails and freshly-cut-too-short-bangs, the excitement of her very first day of preschool.  She's an old pro now, Dora & Boots have served us well, and I promised her a shiny new backpack for Kindergarten next year.  

(a blustery start!)    

{Not sure if playdough actually quenches a "thirst for knowledge",
but we're a right-brained sort of family, so I'm going with it.☺}

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  1. Gorgeous as always Christina! You are seriously a master at WB. {I thought you said you had trouble this day? It looks good to me!}