August 7, 2011


Finally, I got my overcast day.

Finally, we've found a family activity that gets us out the door every morning, ::gasp:: usually on time, without pulling one child by the teeth and the other by the toes.

And finally, they both fall asleep quickly at night.  

Ahh, the unsolicited cheese of a 2-year old. 

She always starts out so cheerful, declaring "we baaaack, swim cub!" as we pull up the gravel driveway each morning, as if crying out to to a long lost friend.  Then, more days than not, my cheesy girl gets her grump on when she hits the water.  Today was no exception, so the action shots were reserved for her big sis. 

But despite her worst intentions, she's learning to swim.  She'll take a few solo scoops & kicks, and even goggles up to explore underwater in the deep sea of the (2 foot) baby pool.  Over the course of the summer at her grandparents' beach, she's gone from feet-planted-firmly-in-the-sand to jumping off the raft. 

And this one?  She makes me very proud.  

It's been a great summer.

Admittedly, it's a bit surreal (er, depressing) that a few of my girls' college-age swim instructors were once my own preschool swimmers.   How did that happen?!  But replacing the nostalgia of my glory days with new memories like these?  Seems like a pretty fair trade.

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