August 20, 2011


Goodbye Candidly Christina, hello Christina McGuire Photography...

Welcome to my new home! 

It's been a long time in the making, and revamping this site has tested every ounce of my patience sanity... but I suppose that's to be expected when drawing upon decade-old computer science knowlege + a whole lotta googling + even more trial and error.  And trial.  And error.  Note to self: next time, outsource.☺

I want to say thank you to my dear friends and family for your support and encouragement over the last year and a half.  It goes without saying that I wouldn't be here today without you (and your gorgeous children/guinea pigs).  Some extra love to my hubby, who --so I could plug away for one last day-- took the girls out for breakfast, to the hands-on museum for the afternoon, and arrived home with flowers and steaks for the grill.  He may drive me crazy at times, but a good dad makes for one hunky husband, and I am a very lucky girl.

And finally, speaking of good friends and changes...
My girlfriend, Maria, is expecting a new little one very soon.
Wowza.  If only we all looked like this incredible at 8 months pregnant. 

The same chair her mom rocked her in as a baby (do I hear an awwww?)


  1. Congratulations on the new site! It looks fantastic! This maternity session is absolutely beautiful, Christina! That last shot is magical.

  2. OOooo! In love with the new site AND these gorgeous maternity images!

  3. Wow - she is gorgeous! Love the photographs...the variety, the light. I absolutely adore the silhouette and the one with her and the tree. Amazing location you found!

  4. I love your new look, Christina! Your hard work paid off, for sure! Plus, these mat pics are just gorgeous! Your friend must be over the top excited about them!

  5. So beautiful Christina - the light in the last one....drool! Gorgeous mama, gorgeous light = amazing!