August 3, 2011

31/52: Sky

For nearly a month I've been waiting for the perfect cloudy day to break out the mamarazzi at swim lessons.  Today was my day.  We pulled into the club, I slung the camera bag over one shoulder, an overflowing beach bag over the other, held two little people by hand, and even made good use of my monkey toes when the car keys fell to the gravel not once but twice on the way in.


Arghhh.  I was hell-bent on taking a picture of something, anything, before we left.  I looked up and deemed it as good as time as any to jump back on the Project 52 bandwagon.

The landmark that towers over our little swim club.  
Today, with the help of a little overexposure, it seemed to disappear into my perfect (but wasted) overcast sky. Pfft.

ps.  I'm aware what a lame attempt this is to rejuvenate a stale blog!  I promise I've been shooting more dynamic subjects than water towers all summer.  Specifically a few charming children, and a glowing mama-to-me...  All to come later this month.

1 comment:

  1. not a lame attempt- i think it's a very cool shot. love the overexposure.