July 18, 2011

Lazy Days

I haven't blogged.  I'm 3-going-on-4 weeks delinquent on my Project 52.  I'm procrastinating potty training.  I'm discovering that starting up a business involves crossing off one task while adding two more.

But we've stayed up late and slept in.  We've indulged Molly in her hide and seek obsession, reminding her of the #5 she keeps leaving out of her count to "...10-Here-I-Comin'!"  We've held our heads high in public as Charlotte's sense of style soars to new heights (and reminds us to pick our battles). We've made meals out of the garden on good days, out of Costco samples on others.  We've tracked airplanes from the front porch.  We've painted the walls of our deck with murals of chalk and water.  We've spent nearly every morning at the pool where once-hesitant swimmers now channel their inner fish.  We've moved closer to finding a balance of naptime/quiet time/mama time.

We've had impromptu movie nights, and ::gasp:: caught glimpses of sisterly love.

We've embraced summer vacation.

Shot between ISO5000-6400; most are wide open at f/1.8.  
Because photos taken in terrible light trump photos not taken.


  1. These are so sweet Christina <3 I love the bond in the first shot... Sister's are the greatest!! And I am having massive camera envy with those ISO's! They look great!

  2. hear hear on the photos not taken. but you say photos in bad lighting, and i say they look amazing as always! summer is all about procrastinating and enjoying the lazy hot days. enjoy them!