June 5, 2011


I should have smelled it coming.  I had such high hopes last fall, my prima ballerina all dolled up with her hair in a tiny bun, ready for her first dance class.  9 months later, I can tell you that "all dolled up" was the only part she was truly passionate about.  Having to follow directions/routine/repetition, first in ballet and then tap shoes, for a full hour?  Not so much.  Some weeks were more challenging than others, but quitters we are not... and finally, we made it to Recital Day. (yes, "we".  Myself being the driving force & disciplinarian cheerleader all these months.  Still wondering when *my* cake/balloons/bouquets will be arriving?)

A few from the pre-show.
My mom and my baby, in their respective glories.

As I was saying...


  1. hehe... love this post! So cute!

  2. With a capital 'T'!!! Love that last shot, and the one of her looking into the mirror :) So gorgeous that your Mum did her makeup!!!