Snip Snip (Sniff Sniff)

June 30, 2011

Here we are, at the last of the "baby book" milestones.  How can it be??

25/52: "Crave"
As in... The day my baby got her 1st haircut, I craved another baby.
(The day after?  It passed.)

5 Responses to “Snip Snip (Sniff Sniff)”

  1. Ooooh those cute curls... milestones... hard ones for the momma!!

  2. Love those curls! Hope you are coping!!

  3. So adorable! Love the last photo. My craving hasn't gone away, and I'm still in the Los of sleep phase. Yikes.

  4. My daughter recently got her first haircut too. I love that last photo, made me a little sad. I have a new little guy, but it certainly is tough watching the "baby" leave them.

  5. Christina these are just gorgeous! Love the warm light. So precious.