June 8, 2011


I'd forgotten what naturals they are, the little ones.  The last few friends & family sessions I've done have been maternity and newborns, for which a photographer has to come armed with posing (or even more challenging, "un"posing) ideas.  Of course, toddlers and preschoolers tend not to take direction as well as a sleepy 5-day-old or glowing 30-something :), but their adorable stances and spontaneous expressions more than make up for it.

I stopped over to my girlfriend's house before one of our regularly-scheduled date nights to capture this...

 So 18-months.  (My Molly in the same squat last summer.)

{Un-posing at it's finest.}
Too bad we had no fun.


  1. Love, love, love these! You are amazing!! Thank you<3

  2. I love children. : ) Really, really love them.
    Your pictures are always magical to me.