June 22, 2011

24/52: Make It Tasty

A cotton candy/sticky fingers prelude to our day at the zoo...


And from deep inside the Penguin House,
ISO6400 proof that Mom 
is in fact present on family outings.
click click.


  1. That looks like a very fun day. My Kaish just loves the zoo. And I put it off for as long as possible in the summer!

  2. You make the zoo look absolutely fabulous! I recall hot, sweaty mom and kid running in between animals so we saw it all before we left in a heap of tears only to pass out as soon as we pulled on the expressway. And we have a membership! Beautiful job as always, C.

  3. Beautiful beautiful day!!

    Isn't the truth that the momma is NEVER in the pics when the momma is the one taking all the pics.. lol!


  4. OMG!!! You are SO freaking, incredibly talented girl!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous photos, seriously. You rock.