April 5, 2011

Teeny Tiny (and a Lil' Bit Whiney)

I had the pleasure of photographing sweet 5-lb-some-oz Crosby Catherine last week.  I did a few of the traditional newborn shots, but this time I also wanted to try my hand at more lifestyle-type photography; capturing a new family in their own element.  I think I'm in love.

But the Lil' Bit Whiney part?  After starting to edit these, I looked around my own house with regret.  I don't have this history documented with my girls.  Back then, custom photography was a bit of a foreign concept to our family; it never dawned on me to hire someone to come into our home and document a day in our baby's first week of life.  And now?  Of course we can't get that time back.  (And I'm not sure this reason alone warrants having a 3rd child?? :)

I have one snapshot that sits framed atop our piano --it is a beloved snapshot no less, because it was taken just a few hours after Molly was born, and was the first proof of our "family of four".  But Charlotte has her standard 2-yr-old closed-eye cheeseball grin, I look, well, like I just pushed a baby out, and Andy and Molly are half washed out from the flashy point-and-shoot.  That was the last real family photo that we had taken until our newborn was almost a year old.  And even then, it was in a studio setting with both girls squirming/wincing... so not "us".

Em, I hope I was able to capture your "us".  Because your family of four looks like a pretty lovely place to belong.  Congratulations!  xoxo

big sis, Harper, was photographed in this same basket as a newborn here --click {galleries}, then ::fresh::


  1. LOVE these! My fav is the one of the sisters together. <3

  2. WOW!! Absolutely positively stunning!! The family shots all relaxed and together really capture the emotion and love...simply takes my breath away!! Well done Christina!!

  3. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them Christina! They are Gorgeous! Thank you!! xoxo