March 15, 2011

Sun Flare {the after}

A Sun Flare theme makes for a pool of breathtaking entries.  So many stand-outs that, after brainstorming about my own entry, I thought it might be best to sit this week out.

I did have one older photo in mind, but as I dug through my external hard drive --which contains only unedited originals-- I was reminded how horribly underexposed the image was, and wasn't sure it was worth the effort to re-edit.  Additionally, it was a jpeg file (I now shoot raw), which makes a problematic straight-out-of-the-camera shot even less salvageable. I figured my time would be better spent daydreaming of warmer days and sun flare practice to come :)

But I couldn't resist playing (big surprise), and after I was done, I thought it might make for a fun Before & After post for any of you non-photogs out there curious as to what's involved in the editing process.  This "after" is far from perfection (okay well if we're being honest any photo of my girls is perfection to me☺), but I love the way focus falls on just a few eyelashes while others are backlit, and how definitive rays of sunlight stream in the background. Ah, sun flare.

(IHF only permits entries with one photo, so you can see the "before" shot in the post below...)


  1. just look at those eyes! great capture and save in your edit!

  2. jpeg never lets me down : )
    I am glad you fixed it. Very sweet!