February 18, 2011

♪ She's Pink and Happy ♫

as seen/heard on Yo Gabba Gabba

My dear (pink and happy) Birthday Girl,

You're growing so fast, too fast... coming from a Mommy who was always excited for the next phase with your big sister.  But I suppose things are different when my baby is, well, my baby.  I hope you continue to indulge me a little longer, staying glued to my hip in new settings or with new people, even if only for a few minutes.  Why is it that, with an oldest child, separation anxiety is viewed as undesirable, but with a youngest it seems endearing??  Aside from a few sassy moments here and there (often accompanied by your trademark stink-eye!), I would freeze your sweet demeanor in time if I could... Our Valentine, so apropos.  But as time does in fact march on, I can't help but embrace your expanding vocabulary and mini-sentences, your attempts at counting, how you boastfully point out your colors and recite the days of the week in your favorite book.  You even surprised us by identifying a few letters on your own this week!  I cherish my front row seat to your singing and dancing performances;  peeking in to watch you nurture your babydolls or "read" your books in bed; admiring your creativity and works of art...
 (Your interpretation of Nonno & Lola, drawn on your birthday --
I promise you bring them far more joy than it appears!)

ps. kisses to your Aunt Erin for the adorable headband!

(I used this as my Project 52 "Open Your Heart" submission this week.  Because we've had no choice but to open our hearts to the sights and sounds of these 5 obnoxious monsters nearly every day since you took an interest in TV a few months back.)

And be still, my beating heart, my two girls workin' it as photographer and model. 
Sure hope I'm not out of a job before I even begin...

Happy Birthday, Molly.  2... 12... or 62... you'll always be my baby. Love, Momma xoxo

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