January 9, 2011

Snowbirds, Snowbabies, Snowmen

Finally getting through the last of my photos from Christmas break.  We miss my brother's family so much!  The older our girls get, the more fun they have together and the harder it is to say goodbye.  But just a few short months until it's our turn to head South to welcome a brand new niece or nephew...Can't wait.

First up, a couple from one of my mom's better days as she continues to recover from surgery last month.  I'm glad these little guys could bring a smile to her face by eating from her hand (eek, better her than me --I do not do well with birds' sudden movement, and would have sent them migrating with my wimpy screams!).  They looked very sweet, however, through the Christmas tree and picture window shielding my view.

p.s. not Santa, just my uncle :)

Next up, our snowbaby --Molly couldn't get enough!


And she loved that snowman, or "Nemin", per her pronunciation.  (She talks about him frequently, and for all you old Friends fans out there, it always reminds me of Chandler's pretend-move to "Yemen" to get away from crazy Janice :)

I mean, she really loved him. 

Tears were shed when Nemin melted later the next week and we found his sticks, stones, and scarf in a grassy heap.  But it's looking like another wintry week ahead -- if we can shake these nasty colds, we'll try to get back out to play.  Until then, we dream of what once was, and accessorize in his memory.

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  1. Ah yes, we need more Nemin, ASAP. Where IS the snow around here?! My kids are DYING for a good snow storm! Great photos of your precious girls, as always!