January 11, 2011

MCP Project 52. 2/52: Illustrate a Song {I Say a Little Prayer}

I'm a week late to the party, but better late than never, have decided to challenge myself this year with a 52-week project.
"In photography, as with any job or hobby, it is easy to get into a rut. If you have ever needed a little photography lift, challenge or some inspiration, that is what the new MCP Project 52 is all about. Imagine taking pictures once a week just because you feel like it. Visualize photographing something while not pressured for the perfect shot.  Envision shooting just for yourself..." (read more here)
Consider joining in on the fun!  All you need is a Flickr account and a camera --a point-and-shoot, SLR, even an iPhone.  Edit your photos, or don't.  (For the record, MCP is a site primarily devoted to Photoshop actions, or automated sequences of editing commands.  I, on the other hand, do 99% of my processing in Lightroom, and am embarrassed to admit I don't even yet know how to run an action in Photoshop.  So trust me when I tell you, you do not need to be a professional to participate :) You can join any time, and while there is a suggested theme every week, you can deviate if you have another idea in mind.
This week's theme is "illustrate a song".   The first thought that came to my mind was Big Girls Don't Cry, as Molly transitioned to her Big Girl bed this weekend like a champ.  But after we played in her room for awhile and I uploaded photos, this one spoke to me and I ended up going another direction... Because, really, what mommy doesn't need a little prayer once she loses the security of those 4 crib rails that once contained (er, restrained) her precious cargo??

I Say a Little Prayer (for You)

But the real reason I chose this image (crossing fingers that I still have your attention!) is to ask if would you be so kind as to Say a Little Prayer of your own for my Gram this week?  Doctors have found a suspicious area in her lung; we'll find out next steps when she meets with a specialist in a couple days.  My grandmother is an inspiration to many, but especially to me.  It is because of her that I bought my first SLR, signed up for my first photography class, started my first blog.  She has been a lifelong caretaker, nurse and mother hen, and is very unfamiliar --and uncomfortable-- assuming the role of "patient".  But she is a strong and otherwise healthy woman, and certainly has faith on her side.  If I can accumulate more positive energy out there for good measure, it may make this a little less scary for us all.  Thank you in advance.


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  2. Adorable picture, and way to go for challenging yourself and your photography in new and fun ways! Can't wait to see your weekly results.

    And of course, many prayers are going out for your Gram. Our thoughts are with you all. Keep us updated.

    xoxo, em

  3. Sending prayers your way! Hugs!

  4. Big prayers are being said for both your mom and gram...
    Your writing and your pictures are beautiful, just like you. xo!

  5. Very nice! I think this one should win! You have beautiful shots here. Your blog is simply stunning!

  6. Holy wow that is so beautiful. I absolutely love your work.

  7. So stinking adorable! Love that picture!