January 18, 2011

3/52: Shades of Grey

When I read about this week's Project 52 theme, I knew the gallery would be full of black and white conversions, and I wanted to do something a little different.

While I pondered, I toyed with the new "love locket" hanging around my neck.  Here it lies open atop one of my favorite frames --the first photo of my girls together when Moo was just a few hours old.  

While I am so over the selective coloring fad (you wouldn't know it by the ginormous wedding portrait hanging in our bedroom, forever tainted with a hand-painted bouquet!), I liked the hint of color from their birthstones contrasted with the silver necklace and b/w photo.

Almost 2 years later, Charlotte still squeezes her that tight...except now Molly's a bit more vocal in her response :)


  1. i LOVE it. beautiful job, and so creative : )

  2. I also love it, you're so talented. After seeing this picture I'm wishing I would have ordered the pink birthstone!

  3. The little bit of color with the black and white makes the image pop...

  4. I love this picture. So special. Just perfect. They are beautiful in every way!