November 18, 2010

Sunny Side Up

We've had a couple low-key weekends in a row...There have been some Girls Night Outs for Momma, but no photos to share (for those, my full attention must be reserved for eating/drinking/gossip!).  Besides, after the circus of Halloween photo ops, sometimes it's nice to leave the camera in the bag for awhile.  But the brief hiatus came to an end this past weekend when, upon cracking eggs to make crepes, Andy found the above image smiling back at him.

A couple other things to smile about on this particular morning...

Charlotte's first bouquet of flowers from her Daddy.  Just for being a good kid.  She was so proud, as if she'd won the Olympic gold.  The night before, as we wrapped up a momma-daughter date night, I informed her of one more stop we had to make on the way Dairy Queen.  This was coming off of a Meijer run during which, for once, I'd allowed her to ride in that ridiculous Dora TV cart.  She smiled and sighed,"God must really love me."  Me too, kiddo.

And I'll wrap with the usual Saturday morning radio dance party.  These tend to be captured on video when we're feeling motivated, but it's been awhile.

I missed the action shot, but here's the aftermath of Molly's newest naughty habit of twisting her hair with her fork while she eats.  I am reminded of Scuttle's dingle-hopper in The Little Mermaid. 
P.S. It's maple syrup that gives it the extra pizazz.

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