November 1, 2010

Buy One Get Six Free

"What are you going to be for Halloween?" tends to be a loaded question for my girls. They sported a combined 7 costumes last week, only one of which I bought this year.  Add to that a mix of hand-me-downs, garage sale/consignment finds, prior year purchases, and dress-up bin odds and ends, and I'm pretty sure we could have costumed the whole block.

I promised an obscene amount of photos, but I'm dividing them up into a couple posts.

First up, Charlotte's dance class.

* * * * *
Getting ready for the first of two parties.

(yea, these two didn't really get the "no hands" rule!)

At the end, we became blood brothers and sisters by "pricking" our fingers and swearing to return next year...I don't anticipate a fight from the girls. :)

* * * * *
And party #2

Remember this cutie?

( = "lil stinker")

  This brings us to the only downfall of the weekend...a Spartan loss.  Boo. Thankfully, Cookie Monster seemed unaffected.

 Coming soon: Jack-o-lanterns, a bee and a bug.

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