November 3, 2010

The Bug and The Bee (Halloween Part 2)

Just like the last post, I'm short on words but heavy on pics tonight :) 

Molly very sad she wasn't allowed to play with knives...

...but oh my, she loved those seeds (distraction:  the greatest parenting maneuver)

Getting ready for trick-or-treating --three cheers for the in-house makeup artist, our very own Lola :)  
And more cheers for little girls who hold remarkably still!

And with that, a bittersweet goodbye to my favorite month of the year.  The leaves have fallen from the burning bushes, and the cold air has moved in quickly...too quickly.  But there is plenty of fun to be had in the next couple months.  Birthday party plans are in the works --an unconventional theme for an unconventional almost-4-year-old!  And I do believe I spotted Christmas catalogs in the heap of to-be-sorted mail this week (note to self: more sorting, less blogging).  It's only a matter of days before WNIC starts cranking out those carols...


  1. Your blog is a BEAUTIFUL! I am helps that your have two stunning models. he he! :) But you are SOOOOO talented...that is a great combo! :)

    XO Danielle

  2. I found your blog from your beautiful I heart faces silhouette and just wanted to say that you have such cute girls and that your October pictures were awesome!