October 4, 2010


For Andy, it's football.  For me, it's cider mills. You know fall is off to a good start when you've already hit 3 by the first of October :) 

A quick stop at Parmenter's (best donuts, worst bees!)

* * * * * 

Our favorite, Three Cedars (I promise this has nothing to do with the abundance of hunky male staffers)

sand corn box!

Charlotte's favorite: "brains"

On the way home, smushed between the corn stalk/hay bale/mum/pumpkins for our porch

* * * * *

And finally, Charlotte's preschool field trip to Plymouth Orchards

Miss Shelley & Miss Jan

The fun has only just begun, but I think I've captured enough of it to leave the camera behind for the next trip...or 3 :)


  1. Fabulous pictures, as always! Fall always means cider and donuts to us too. I think I would have to agree with you in terms of rankings as well. Parmenter's Cider and Donuts are the best! Three Cedars is such a great overall experience. I can't believe we hit all three of those places last week!

  2. I LOVE this time of year!! And bees?! Ugh. We had out share of them Sunday at the orchard as well. NOT a fan!

  3. your photos are just so beautiful- sharp and crisp, just like these fall days and those yummy apples (and the donuts are pretty delish, too.) : )