October 12, 2010

Finding the Light: Part 1

I'm finally getting around to posting some of my assignments from my Natural Light workshop, which was separated into 4 subjects: 1) window light, 2) open shade, 3) backlighting and 4) silhouettes.

This was my first online course, and I hemmed and hawed about taking the plunge.  It wasn't cheap, I didn't quite know what to expect or if I'd find the time to get much out of it.  I'm happy to report that it was worth every penny, probably more.  I met "friends" from across the globe (as far as Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland!), and the opportunity to receive critique, encouragement, etc. from some of the best in the biz was invaluable.  So I'll keep saving those pennies and perhaps try another workshop in the spring. 

The course was challenging but so good for me to spend more time behind the lens, rather than in front of the computer where I spend many evenings obsessing over my editing skills.  I know how backwards that sounds; I'm well aware that I need to devote more time to getting it right "in camera" rather than in the digital darkroom.  But the fact of the matter is that 98% of my free time comes after the sun sets and my guinea piglets are asleep.  So while it was a bit stressful to carve out the daylight hours of "me" time required for these assignments, practicing is obviously the only way my photography will improve, and why I have accepted the fact that diving into a photography business cannot --well, I'll say should not-- happen overnight.

We had to submit our SOOC (straight out of the camera) images for critique, so these photos have been edited very little, if at all, after receiving feedback from my instructors.  I had to be extra diligent about toggling focus points and reading my light meter accurately, instead of hoping for the best and trying to fix my mistakes during post-processing, which I have the tendency to do where fast-moving kiddies are concerned.

Speaking of, Molly was quickly fired from her role as baby model as she cannot sit still, let alone strike a pose except for her infamous "cheese".  That left Charlotte (becoming more and more receptive to bribes!), Andy, my dad and Reilly, who didn't perform much better than Molly but could at least be tied to a leash :)

Week 1: Window Light
The beautiful expressions of 3 going on 13.

Week 2: Open Shade
I already shared bit of my Open Shade practice from Charlotte hamming it up on her first day of school, but here are a couple more of the handsome men in my life :)

 ...More to come soon!...


  1. Love, love, LOVING IT!!!!!

    PLEASE blow charlotte up and FRAME IT!!!

  2. Charlotte is just beautiful. Great job on the photos!