August 27, 2010

Miss Congeniality: Part 2

Molly at 18 months, sans cake on the face

her "I don't know??"


Go Green Go White! (our future Wildcat & Spartan):

Favorite!  The "pose" is so very 18 months, the look so very Molly:

...speaking of so very Molly...


A technical debriefing:
Nikon dSLRs have two focus modes to choose from: 1) AF-Single, where the camera focuses on a subject then locks, or 2) AF-Continuous, where the camera attempts to track focus as the subject moves in and out. I've experimented with both this summer and found sharper overall results with AF-S, so I've remained in this mode for quite some time.  The pitfall: if your subject moves after focus is locked, you're out of luck.  After downloading this batch of photos, I have confirmed that no toddler under the age of 2 (3?) should be shot in AF-S!  Gone are the days of my baby staying still for more than 2 seconds...I trashed quite a few blurs of motion.

Also, the combined role of Mama/Photographer proved to be quite challenging once again:  anytime I got down on her level or tried to sneak up close, she held out her arms to be hugged or picked up.  I know, I shouldn't complain...that's a pretty blessed challenge to encounter.

And a few other outtakes...
The photo Molly brought to her hairdresser:
My accidental self-portrait :)

A special thanks to Andy for his patience trying to keep Molly in the shot and Charlotte out.   
(Despite what I was muttering under my breath, honey, I couldn't do this without you!  xoxo)
And the cutest Second Shooter in town (holding my back-up camera):

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  1. You baby is absolutely PRECIOUS. Great photos. Love them ALL. I can tell she's got some GREAT attitude!