July 8, 2010

Love Thy Library

Last month, Charlotte's preschool class got a sneak peak of our new library before it opened to the public.  The following photos are playing in a continuous loop on the library TVs, and Charotte's quite certain she's a movie star.  Photos courtesy of Julie May, City of Novi.

(Charlotte came clean that she was in a time-out in the corner...at least we still have honesty on our side??)

And now we all get to enjoy.  The library's Grand Opening was a couple weeks ago, and we feel very lucky to be a stone's throw away from this new paradise (ps. that parking lot is still being paved)!

I got a chance to try out my new 50mm lens (traded again, thank you Costco :)   The wider aperture gives me even more flexibility indoors without having to use the dreaded pop-up flash.  I'm not in l-o-v-e just yet, but may be getting there soon with more practice.

Do you see it?  Right there, sprouting from atop her head but camouflaged in the stroller??
(Drum roll please)...Molly's 1st ponytail!

And, finally, the unveiling of the girls' entryway brick that Charlotte's been waiting all year to see...

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  1. Thanks for this post! I hadn't seen these pictures yet. We will have to look for them today. Keira will be so thrilled. I love your brick!