June 7, 2010

Photo Walk

I participated in my first photo walk this weekend -- what a fun experience!  We trotted around the bustling Eastern Market and surrounding areas in downtown Detroit.  The walk was led by the uber-talented Jean Smith and Laurel Hogge, and while I loved watching them in action and practicing my own skills, I have to admit my favorite part of the morning came after the walk had ended.  The group of 50 had dwindled down to 10 or so, and we had the opportunity to pick their brains from across the table of a Coney Island :)

A few shots from our morning...

I had to snap a photo when I spotted the Supino Pizzeria door --I knew it would get a good roll of the eyes from my husband :)

Five years ago we bought our first digital point & shoot right before a trip to Italy.  It may have been a whopping 2.8 megapixels??  But I used every last one of those pixels to take hundreds of photos of doors all across the country, from the top of the "boot" to the bottom.  I was obsessed.

Now, of course, I cringe looking at those photos...the bad crops, the blown highlights, the washed-out colors...I want a do-over with my SLR!  (Andy, are you listening??  Enough already with the Disneyworld trip-planner propaganda!)
The photo walk was organized through the I Heart Faces community, and I have to say, in the end...I do heart faces (and doors, of course!).  I tried to step out of my comfort zone and capture other objects/textures/funky artwork, but my camera was drawn back to the faces in the crowd.  Lucky for me, after some time around the market, we had 3 darling ballerinas and one beautifully sassy teenager to practice on.  This was all very new to me: children who actually hold still while you take their picture??

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