June 15, 2010

Love to Live

This weekend, we celebrated quite a milestone birthday for my step-grandpa.  He received this sweet poem:
 Okay a couple typos but you get the gist...
If we could all be so lucky!

And speaking of lucky, the birthday boy with his 39-year-old wife :)

Gunner and his lovely family came into my gram's life a little over 10 years ago, and together they have welcomed 6 great-grandchildren into their lives.  So rather than sulking about my only niece living umpteen Cracker Barrels away in Georgia (but visiting soon - yay!), I'll instead count my blessings for nearby second-cousins.  Both of our families are scattered with pint-sized ones for my girls to run around with at get-togethers.  So cute...   

And now, my little fish (thanks for the pics, Daddy!).  Molly has recently started burrowing in the back corner of the tub when bathtime's over, as if we can't see her hiding.  And we're discovering that she's fearless in the pool.  My girl after my own heart.

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