June 13, 2010

Ice Cream & the Dentist

So I couldn't come up with a clever title to combine these 2 subjects.  But Charlotte was so excited for both that I decided to roll them into one post about her first week of summer vacation.

Her last parent-tot swim class came to an end, for which ice cream was of course in order with her BFF, Tessie.  These two are either fighting like cats & dogs or kissing & hugging, no in between.  The latter makes for cuter photo ops :)

I couldn't help but remember that one year ago, for the same occasion, Molly was snug as a bug in a rug tucked in my sling.  And baby Kate?  Even more snug...in utero!  She's now my star subject, always looking right at the camera through those perfectly curled eyelashes.

(This next one shot by Kelly, who mastered back-button focusing
in a matter of seconds with some impressive bokeh to boot --nice work :)

(Okay so I'm able to "enhance" irises with my editing software -- but these are untouched... Sometimes, in just the right light, they really do look that blue.  Is it wrong to be jealous of your own daughter(s)?  Because I want one's eye color and the other's eyelashes :)

* * * * *
And switching gears, Charlotte's 1st dentist appointment.  

Despite the apprehensive look (who wouldn't be with ^those^ laid out next to you??!),
she was actually quite excited for this big milestone. 

 ...keeping a close eye...

All smiles.  She chose bubble gum toothpaste for her cleaning and a Dora toothbrush to bring home.  And from the treasure chest, a lovely butterfly ring (surely lead-free!).  She's already asking about her next check-up when we'll switch over to our friend, Dr. Tressa, the girl dentist she very adamantly prefers.  But she did great, and I'm very proud of that beautiful smile full of 20 happy and healthy little toofers.

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