June 29, 2010


Bloggers get a chance to show off their 4-legged (or 2-legged, 8-legged?) BFFs in this week's I Heart Faces photo challenge.

 Our sweet soul was found wandering the streets, a few days away from euthanization at an over-crowded Humane Society, when we rescued him 5 years ago.  Andy and I always laugh when we think back to the day we met Reilly ("Richie" at the time), when he first shook and we witnessed gobs of dog hair flying in every direction.  But we looked at eachother, then down at his sad eyes looking back up at us and agreed, "He's probably just nervous."  Yea.  You know those Cathy comic strips where she's always spewing sweat??  Reilly spews hair.  For the first year or so, the constant vacuuming was manageable. But a couple rugrats and their toy collection later, and a clean household is just a lost cause these days.  Would we take him in again?  In a heartbeat.  

"This is hard to ask, but I have to know...Am I adopted?"


  1. What a sweet face! Reilly is a lucky dog and so are you!

    The Road Dogs

  2. Such expressive eyes! This is a beautiful portrait!

  3. is this one of the first shots from our class? i love it!!