June 23, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Pretty

The bad news: my first paid photo session was scheduled for this past weekend but canceled due to iffy weather.  I was both excited and nervous so in all honesty, the wimp in me felt a little relieved at first.  But then crabbiness ensued as I was really looking forward to getting over the hump of my first shoot, not to mention catching up with an old h.s. friend and meeting her little guy and 3 nieces.

But the good news:  The week before, I wanted to check out the park where we had planned to meet, so I brought Charlotte along and ended up with some very sweet photos of my usual run-from-the-camera diva.  Maybe, just maybe, we are turning a corner?

Of course, it started out just as expected...

But the scowls subsided within a few minutes, and I just followed her lead as she ran here and there...
click-click-clicking along.

She posed on her own for this one, asking me to take a picture of the "baby in her belly" like I had done for Tessie's Aunt Kristin :)

We found a little garden next to a porch where she spotted some stray strawberries.  Yes, a good mom probably would have questioned where and who they came, then forbid her from sinking her teeth into them.  But come on --look at that dress-- I couldn't resist!

Yet another treasure found: vintage bike tucked behind a fence?

This was the last of the shots before she got too giddy and I started to lose her.  But I had engaged her for a good 1/2 hour and was so happy with how they turned out... Not because they're award winning photos, but because:
  1. I got countless smiles from my stinker.
  2. I get to keep every.single.shot.  They tell the full story of our time together.  I can print them to any size my heart desires.  These are the reasons why I bought my dSLR and have been working feverishly over the last few months to learn everything I can.  Had I hired a professional to take these, I probably would have only been able to afford a handful of prints.
  3.  If I can shoot Charlotte, I can shoot anyone!


  1. those are (and charlotte is) beautiful! what an "expression-ful" girl you have. i l.o.v.e. the one of her sitting on the stairs and you looking down (second from last one). great shots, christina! and yes, i agree that now that we know what we're doing and we can take photos of our children doing everything they do, we get to keep all those photos for free!! that's the best part of all this!

  2. and, guiltily, i would have had harper eat the strawberries, too. if it makes for a great photo, then why not?!

  3. You keep getting better and better! I am so excited for your journey into this new, fresh, world that you can use your creative juices towards!!!