June 30, 2010

Gabbie & Gracie

I just love typing those 2 beautiful names of 2 beautiful girls ♥ 

Today was much less stressful for me than Grace's newborn photos, which were definitely not my niche.   I actually wasn't expecting much success from a 3 month shoot either --kind of an awkward stage where you can't scrunch 'em up like newborns but they can't support themselves either, and smiles are iffy.  Well, then there's Gracie, who had other plans and was a superstar for me! 


And here's Gabbie at just 2 days past her 2nd birthday.  She was also a photographer's dream, striking her own adorable poses.  It was a blustery morning which added even more spunk to her so-very-2-year-old hair:  I love it!

And I'll end with my "starving photographer" shot --this is what happens when you lug your own kid(s) to a shoot and don't notice them in the frame until you're downloading the pics :)

1 comment:

  1. molly just wanted to join in and see what mom was doing! so cute.

    great job!! i love the one of gracie after the sneeze, and of gabbie? oh. my. goodness. the second one is perfection. and i love the second to last one, too. and i love the hand shot. too many to love!!