May 31, 2010

Thanksgiving in May

In the spirit of Christmas in July, we celebrated Thanksgiving in May this Memorial Day weekend.  I'm stealing a Facebook post from Andy's cousin that expresses our gratitude: 
Their memory remains!  We are forever in debt to the courageous servicemen and women who paid the supreme sacrifice to secure our freedom and make it possible for us to live in peace.  As they bravely died, so we must bravely live and continue to protect our liberty.  May God bless America!  Thank you to all who serve our great country...
...including my late grandpas, Papa John and Nonno, my step-grandpa, Gunner, and Andy's best friend, Brian.

We are thankful for parades.  For little ones in their red, white and blue.  For buckets full of candy.

We are thankful for BBQs.  For sprinklers, sandboxes and friends.  Especially our little friends.

And we are thankful that our little friend, Tessie, who had to spend this beautiful weekend in the hospital, is now home and resting a bit more comfortably.


  1. great shots- love the first one in vintage. so meaningful.

    is tessie ok??

  2. oooo love all the fotos. But the lollipop is my favourite. great job!

  3. I like these! You are getting to be quite the avid photographer. Wish I could have stayed longer on Sunday. This whole "sharing" your time with your significant other's family is going to take some time getting used to again :-)