May 6, 2010

Pillow Fight

Is there anything sweeter than watching a baby drift off to sleep...sucking a thumb...nuzzling a blankie...arms and legs scrunched...fluffy bum in the air??  I tried to sneak in to catch a few shots through the bars of her crib.  Damn those squeaky floorboards.  I heard her stir.  I hit the floor and held my breath.  And then I looked up --through my lens-- and saw this little face.

Game On.  She hurled her pillow and blanket at me from behind bars.  I tossed them back in, she swatted them out.  She acquired new ammo, yanking off one sock at a time.  Our very own game of Drop Side Crib Volleyball. 

(when shooting "wide open", or at a low aperture, you're supposed to focus on the eyes when aiming at a face.... 
but rules were meant to be broken, and I love that I accidentally grabbed her goofy, toothy grin here instead :)

Mama won the match.  That last blanket return must have hit the sweet spot as she grasped it with those chubby fingers; she slowly retreated back to her original position...thumb in mouth...bum in air.  I didn't dare push my luck -- I replaced my lens cap and tiptoed out, smiling at the shots I hadn't planned for but was lucky enough to capture.  They're even sweeter to me than those of a sleeping baby.

1 comment:

  1. oh my, those are beautiful shots, christina!! love them all! she and charlotte have the most beautiful eyes! heartbreakers those girls are going to be.

    and count yourself very lucky that she actually went to sleep after that. once i tiptoe into harper's room, forget her remembering that she was about to take a nap. mommy would lose for sure.