May 10, 2010

Pass That Camera!

My friend, Emily, sent me an assignment this weekend:  to "pass that camera" on Mother's Day.  It is something that photographers (even us amateurs) often forget to do; to throw the camera in Auto and get on the other side of it.  So I did just that.  And Andy had fun with it too, pretending he was a hot shot behind my new zoom lens (and its hood, which may look more professional than it is --didn't have the heart to tell him it's probably a marked-up $.50 piece of plastic!)

My day was filled with love, starting with this sweet handmade tile from Charlotte, beaming with pride that she had both mastered a heart shape and remembered my favorite color.  Excuse our bedheads :)

We spent the morning with my in-laws, napped while Daddy chauffeured us home, and got in early enough to give the deck yet another coat of the kids' proprietary sealant (h2o).

And just before the girls' bedtime, my thoughtful hubby decided to make a quick grocery run and brought home a couple steaks to throw on the grill.  He loaded our baked potatoes, and whipped up my favorite blue cheese butter on the side.  We sat next to eachother at our kitchen table and enjoyed adult conversation accompanied by wine glasses instead of sippies.

Thanks to Andy, Charlotte & Molly for making me a mom, and spoiling me on my special day (did I mention I didn't change one diaper??).  
I love you very much!


  1. I love ur blog & i am sure following u & hope u do too. Its fun to make new mum blogger friends

  2. Did Andy take all these photos?? Great job, Andy!

    Happy Mother's Day, Christina!