Love. (Sick).

May 13, 2010

I was so excited to hear "It's a girl!" again the second time around.  Sisters.  Something I never had.  Although God blessed me with an extraordinary group of girlfriends to make up for it, I still I couldn't contain my excitement when I learned of my two girls, who could have in eachother a Best Friend Forever.

Alas, my daughters are not BFFs.  Not yet anyway :)  Between Charlotte's rambunctiousness and Molly's new defense mechanism (chomp chomp), I spend much of my day wrangling them apart. 

Earlier this week, Charlotte had a stomach bug and spent the morning on the couch.  Molly, both sensing the calm and wanting a cracker, crawled up to join her. The simple act of sitting side by side, watching Strawberry Shortcake and sharing a sleeve of saltines may seem unremarkable to most, but this brief moment of peace/love/friendship between my children was enough to melt my heart.  And, of course, a little piece of their furry friend appears in each photo: where there's food, there's Reilly.

On the technical side of things, I continue to struggle with my focal points when there's more than one subject.  If I tried locking in on one kiddo, the other was a bit soft (above); focusing between them grabbed the saltine (below).
I'll have to continue experimenting with my aperture and probably need "stop down" a bit more, which can be a challenge in low light settings (it's been a gloomy week).  Hoping I can get more practice with them in the same frame --in sickness and in health??

 (For now, I'll take what I can get.)

One Response to “Love. (Sick).”

  1. those are such sweet photos! hopefully, their love relationship will continue to slowly grow.

    did you use your lightscoop with these? it looks bright! good lighting for the dreary weather.