May 17, 2010

The Garden - parts I and II

Andy and Charlotte's summer project is underway.  No profound words or deep thoughts for this post (you're welcome :) but a quick note of gratitude for how blessed my girls are to have a dad they can dream with, plan with, hang out & have fun with.

A few weeks back, Andy laid the groundwork, digging up stumps and disassembling old flower beds to make room for their garden expansion.  On a rainy Saturday, he & Charlotte built the frame under the shelter of our garage; the next weekend they prepped the new beds.


Poor Molly feeling left out.  Again with the filthy windows --I swear I do clean my house (most weeks)!

Andy taking some final direction from The Boss.
* * * * *
And this weekend, we stocked up on the first round of veggies.  Sniffing out their favorites...

Who knows what wheels are turning here.  Most likely plotting her escape from the cart.

Molly so smitten with her daddy that she's going cross-eyed.
Snapped in the fern aisle of Home Depot --who needs a fancy speedlight or backdrop? :)

Back home planting.  Followed by mulching and rigging up a sprinkler head for irrigation.

And, finally, relaxing.

I think this weekend's count was 19 plants and seed packets (which probably should have been started indoors by Mom a month ago, but it's their thing so I wasn't going to boss it).  Nor did I share with them that I'm not super confident about the promise of pumpkins this fall?!  But the trial & error may be half the fun, and I'm sure they'll enjoy tweaking plans year after year.  A couple more weeks of farmers markets and I should have the rest of my herbs, then I'll get photos of the finished beds.  More to come!...


  1. I'm new to your blog and love it already! Great photos!

  2. great photos christina! love the one of molly and andy. hope the garden goes well. we're starting one this year, too. crossing my fingers, and my red thumbs.

  3. awww what cute photos. ur kids are adorable