May 4, 2010


For my husband's 32nd birthday, I made him his very first scrapbook.  (Well, his first scrapbook decorated with girly stickers anyways...I can't discount the binders of athletic awards and newspaper write-ups that his then-single dad proudly compiled as he was growing up.)
Earlier this year, Andy had a pretty serious medical scare, during which time we received an incredible outpouring of love & support...but the records of this were beginning to pile up in a jankity "to be filed" box in our basement.  My girlfriends had just come up with the ingenious idea of a Craft Night the weekend before his birthday (i.e. show up in sweats, bring a indulgent dish to pass & craft past midnight -- why didn't I think to start this tradition a decade ago?!), so I took it as a sign to turn those piles into a journal of sorts; one of both gratitude and celebration.

And celebrate, we did.  (Before you judge: I do actually strive to feed my family nutritiously...but for birthday parties? All bets are off :)


Charlotte had picked out coordinating party skirts for herself & Molly to wear, but before I could snap a cute photo, our fashionista was off to model her swimsuit wardrobe for the day.  Little Moo Moo, on the other hand, kept sashaying to and fro in that skirt, looking proud as punch with every waddle and toothless grin.

We also celebrated my beautiful Gram and Gunner's return home from their winter in Florida.

And Andy loved his gift (I was sure to throw in a round of golf for good measure :)

(In the event that you are bored :) you can cock your head to the side and click this photo to enlarge the dedication)


  1. love it! what a wonderful birthday gift. and some great photos to go with it.

    haha! i did cock my head to the side to read it, and when i straightened it out again, i saw your words under the picture telling me to cock my head. : )

    every time i hear about an all night crafting event, i want to sign up and i never do. let me know when and if you have a next one.

  2. Christina.....what an awesome birthday celebration! Craft night rocked, I haven't stayed up THAT late in, who know when!!!