May 29, 2010

Baby Baby

My best friend's baby sister is havin' a baby!

Kristin has always been a darling little size 0, the kind of girl you love to hate if she wasn't so funny.  Relaxing in lawn chairs at their grandparents' cottage, Kelly and I would shoot her evil glares as she pranced around in her bikini, while we sported our "mom" suits (well before we were moms).

So I thought catching her at 39 weeks pregnant would be redeeming.  Alas, other than the perfectly cute basketball she has stuffed under her shirt, she's still a size 0 everywhere else!  Pfffttt!

We didn't have much time together --she was coming and I was going-- but we managed to sneak outside for a few minutes to grab these shots.

(I told you she was cute)

Congratulations Kristin & Richard!  Can't wait to find out if that basketball is pink or blue :)

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