May 23, 2010

Another Man's Treasures

"Junk is the stuff we throw away.  Stuff is the junk we keep."

Some of my earliest childhood memories include riding in the backseat of my Grandma & Papa John's Grand Marquis, scanning the streets for signs and balloons leading us to the next garage full of possibilities.  I remember the clean smell of that car, the velvety seats, the travel umbrella and kleenex box tucked neatly into the map pocket in front of my knees.  My grandparents were antiquers; I was a kid with a dollar or two in my pocket.  I'm not sure who enjoyed these mornings more, but I do recall that the best ones started off with a doughnut.

A couple years later, the story goes that my brother took some sort of kindergarten aptitude test where children were given pairs of words to match up.  Instead of pointing out a boat, his response to the word "sail" was..."garage".

Yes, bargain hunting is in our blood. I would of course deny this as a preteen, when the cool girls were granted back-to-school shopping sprees at the mall while my wardrobe was scattered with hand-me-downs.  But fast forward a couple decades, and while there are some things I won't scrimp on --good furniture, good shoes, and good food to name a few!-- for many other things, I consider our hand-me-downs and flea market/consignment/garage sale finds bragging rights.  It's recycling at its best.  And if "green" is the new black, who's the cool girl now?? :)

Charlotte is quickly following in my footsteps, and looks forward to our Friday morning garage sale dates by stuffing her own purse with dollars she's saved from her Easter cards.  This week's big steal: a $1 Snow White costume accessorized by another dollar's worth of bling. 

Charlotte is also self-designated money manager to Molly, and thought this purchase would be
"just perfect till Moo's hair grows long like mine."

 A few other treasures: 

Still more fun finds: an authentic flamenco dress, matching rainboots & raincoat, a chalkboard/dry erase easel, Dora sunglasses, a Care Bear puzzle, and a sticker sheet with 99 of 100 stars intact (Charlotte thought long and hard about whether this one was worth the "full price" of $.10).  For Mom: a shabby chic kitchen stool, a vintage serving bowl & pitcher combo, and a couple cookbooks.

And that night before bed, when I went to turn off Charlotte's pink twinkle lights, this is how I found my sweet girl sleeping... 
Who says money (2 quarters to be exact) can't buy you love? 

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  1. Had to go through the headache of logging in for this one--I love it!!!!!! Molly in her wig is awesome, and Charlotte with her costume is hysterical! It takes a true garbage saler to lug two kids in and out of car seats for what could be a fruitless stop--kudos!