May 27, 2010

42 Months

This blog started off as a tool for me to learn and grow in the world of photography, but it now serves a dual purpose.  Since discovering sites like Blurb, where you can "slurp" a blog into a printable photobook, I have evolved many of my posts into a journal of sorts for my girls to look back on.

This week, we celebrated Charlotte's 1/2 birthday with a BBQ and Margarita Cupcakes - yum!

(this may be her third one)

The face affectionately known as "ojitos"

That flamenco dress from last week's garage saling?  The perfect 1/2 birthday party attire.

And with that, the rest of this post is dedicated to my Charlotte, age three and a half 42 months... in, it may be boring for anyone else to read :)

* * * * *
Dear Charlotte,

I know, I know...babies' ages are only measured in months until 23.  But you're still my baby --my first baby-- and 3-1/2 sounds way too close to 4, which sounds way too close to 6, etc. etc.  So for this 1/2 Birthday celebration, we're going with 42 months.

Just 6 months ago, when I spent my snippets of spare time on Facebook instead of blogging, this was my status update: 
Christina McGuire has something extra special to be thankful for this Thursday: my baby girl is turning 3! Those of you who know me well know that Charlotte often presents us with many unique challenges(!) but with that comes a loving, compassionate, clever & witty little girl. We are so blessed to have a happy & healthy child, and I'm grateful that God picked me to be her mama ♥ 
Since then, you have provided us with many more blessings, and a few extra challenges, but Mommy & Daddy can at least claim a couple big victories: 1. You now sleep in your bed instead of insisting on the floor (thank you, Santa, for that kind note & diagram showing children must be asleep in their beds before you slide down that chimney!), and 2. No more didi's (binkies)!  The transition was much easier than we expected --certainly less traumatic than last summer's attempt-- and your beautiful smile is better for it. 

Who is Charlotte at 42 months?
  • You are a loving sister.  Your jealous streak is a little more subdued.  You still have your moments, and we are forever working on sharing, but overall you love your baby sister and are getting better at showing it (we just have remind you to hug her/pick her up under the arms instead of around the neck :)  You crawl in her crib every morning to snuggle with her, read to her and sing to her.  You protect her when I open the oven or when she gets too close to the street.  You hold hands in your carseats.  You feed her yogurt and share your snacks (sometimes).  You love to take baths together, and ride side by side in the Costco cart.  You tell her she is "supercute!"
  • You are a student.  You are almost done with your first year of preschool!  You love school and have learned so much this year.   The improvement in your speech has been incredible to us. You are sad to say goodbye to Miss Sheila, Miss Chris and your high school student teachers, but excited to meet Miss Jan this fall --the same teacher your Uncle David had 26 years ago! 
  • You are a fashionista.  In a previous post, I have touched on how endearing this can be...yet it also leads to never-ending power struggles.  We put the kibosh on changing outfits 5+ times/day because Mom couldn't keep up with the laundry.  We've found a balance in letting you pick out your outfits on non-school or church days.  This makes for some very interesting fashion choices when we run errands, but seems to work most days; there are always exceptions in which Mama ends up sweaty and Charlotte ends up late for school.  You love capris and leggings best, and you've been known to steal the pants off Molly's legs when we forbid capris in December (did I mention how clever you are?). Oh, and you hate anything that's not form-fitting...can't wait till you're 13. 
  • You are a performer.  The world (more specifically, the fireplace hearth) is your stage.  You will dance, say or sing anything --loudly-- for our attention.  You spend a lot of time in high heels, ballet & tap shoes.  Beyond mirrors, you love to catch your reflection in doorwalls, fireplace doors, storefronts, even shower drains. 
  • You are a storyteller.  Similar to The Fashionista, this is sometimes entertaining, sometimes not.  You love to tell or be told stories at bedtime, especially curious as to "what was on your cake" for Mommy or Daddy's 8th/17th/24th birthdays.  But you have also mastered The Fib, and recently told a neighbor that Molly bumped her head and Mama took her to the hospital (we were shopping).
  • You are an artist.  The house is wallpapered with your masterpieces, many brought home from preschool.  It is rare that you have the patience to sit and complete an elaborate drawing or an entire coloring book page, so mostly we have little snippets of your genius here and there.  But when you do sit still for awhile, these are the results:
  In your own words, done "all by me-self!"

These are a few of your favorite things: 
  • TV shows:  Dora (still), Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue's Clues, and the Fresh Beat Band. 
  • Movies:  Mama Mia (still) but now you actually can sit from beginning to end, have all the songs and nearly all the lines memorized...and we struggle with you jumping on your bed like Donna.  We took you to see The Princess and the Frog in the theater -- you lasted about an hour before you started belting out Christmas carols.  Recently you have become mesmerized by E.T., with a few selective fast-forwards by Mom & Dad.  And you've started to watch a couple Disney Princess movies. 
  • Songs/Singers: Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Kesha, and any songs on Daddy's iPhone.  It is refreshing to have a preschooler who doesn't request Wheels on the Bus; instead, you look forward to Sunday mornings to see who the musical guest was on last night's SNL :)  Add to that your beloved Mama Mia soundtrack, and you sleep to Bedtime with the Beatles every.single.night and refuse to try anything else. 
  • Books: Clifford, Disney (Cinderella is your favorite) and Dr. Seuss.  The Crayon Box that Talks and No, David! were the first two books you memorized and "read" back to us.  Oh, and you're obsessed with People magazine and its photos of pretty girls and their outfits-- you started reading them on the potty, now you sneak them to bed with you.
  • Toys/Activities:  dress-up, your kitchen, tea set(s), shopping cart, babydolls, dollhouse, lego, all things arts & craftsy, painting the deck & swingset with water, playing with Mommy's makeup, stuffing purses and bags with loads of random things and wanting to take them shopping. 
    • Phrases:  "That's ridiculous."..... "Hmm, this is interesting."..... "Huge bummer."..... "How was your day today, Daddy?"..... "Mommy, thank you, this is the BEST ____I've ever had." (fill in the blank with oatmeal/sammich/pasghetti/chicken, etc.)..... "I have a super big problem."..... "I am not tired."...."It's for a special bee-cation (occasion)."... "What's the big idea?".... "Do I look cute?" and/or "Do you like my outfit?"
    And MY most favorite thing about you at 42 months?  (You know this one by heart):   You make me laugh.

    Happy 1/2 Birthday, Sha-Sha.  I love you so much.  



    1. how sweet! love reading all about what a 42-month-old loves and what the mommy of a 42-month-old sees. (i will not say 3-and-a-half.)

      happy 1/2 birthday, charlotte.

    2. I love your blog....especially at 3:26 am when my patients are sleeping and I am looking for things to do!!!