April 6, 2010

Welcome Spring

Many stay-at-home moms of young tots would agree that the post-nap/pre-dinner time slot can be one of the most challenging stretches of our "work day".  It's too short a time to effectively run errands, arrange for a play date, or dig into a big craft project, but too long for the kids' coloring/dress-up/lego attention span.  And most days require a creative snack solution to appease whining without spoiling dinner.  By the time my poor husband walks through the door into our disheveled house, I often feel like those "Cathy" comic strips with exclamation points spewing from my head. 

Enter Spring.  How I've missed you, warm afternoon sun!  Walks, sidewalk chalk murals, a quick wagon ride to the park, or just playing in the backyard fill these couple hours perfectly.  And built-in playmates next door?  Icing on the cake.  Griffin (7) and Emmi (5) are so gentle with Molly and patient with Charlotte and her caught-somewhere-between-toddler-and-big-girl shenanigans.

Molly contently watching the world go by...(and yanking on that ear again - more teeth coming?)

I love this next shot of Emmi.  Look close and you can see my reflection in her beautiful eyes :)

And the shenanigans I mentioned -- I honestly can't remember what these tears were even for, but it seems as though the world is ending once every half hour for poor Charlotte. "I'm havin' a hard day," was one of her first complete sentences last spring.  Oh, to be three. 

The good news: hugs work wonders, and she is usually back to her carefree self within the minute :)

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