April 28, 2010

They Pave Paradise

...and put up a parking lot.  I'll never understand the habitual tearing down and building up that goes on in this great nation of ours.  In our own little corner, they're still erecting new homes as hundreds more waste away on the market.  Another strip mall goes up as dozens sit vacant.  I could go on and on.  Okay...admittedly, when we became homeowners, new builds around here were double our price range; we never even explored the option.   And I don't claim to fully understand the tax incentives that drive zoning board decisions, nor the bottom line that settles a renovate vs. build debate.  But as an everyday American who's had the luxury of vacationing in Europe and seeing how beautiful historic preservation can be, it just makes me sad.
[Stepping off soap box]

Demolition began this week on a little piece of our paradise: the Library.

Charlotte's paradise:  mountains of books, kiddie crafts, storytimes, music classes, puzzle tables, puppet shows, design-a-plates, even itty-bitty yoga.  Stay-at-home-Mommy's paradise:  a one-minute commute and free activities to break up the day.  Making me extra sentimental?  This was the same building where I enjoyed these activities nearly 3 decades ago (okay it may have been itty-bitty jazzercise back in the 80s :)

Nostalgia aside, Charlotte's excitement is mounting as a new state-of-the-art library is nearing completion next door.  These doors should open in a few short weeks.  Until then, we'll reflect on our memories...

...as we wave goodbye to an old friend.

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  1. charlotte looks so tall!! i had to take a second (third) glance to make sure that wasn't someone else's kid you were photographing. : )

    love your writing, and your photographs.