April 4, 2010

Picture Imperfect

Last Easter, Charlotte and I were bedridden with a nasty stomach virus.  The girls' first pair of matching dresses sat idle in their closets, visions of my sugarplums wasting away with them.

Not this year.  A healthy family, beautiful weather, their ginghams and plaids coordinating perfectly, Molly with a few wisps of hair long enough for me to finally wedge a clippy into...what more could I ask for?  Maybe one photo with both of them looking?  Daddy gets an A+ for effort (bonus if you can guess what SNL skit he is referencing in the 4th photo), but the sequence below starts with one already-cranky-pants toddler and requires no further captions beyond that.
yay!  and we haven't even made it through mass yet!

I was a bit pouty on the way to church, but as I uploaded the pictures tonight, Andy and I got a few good laughs :)  They remind me of a series of shots I asked my dad to take of the 4 of us in the hospital when Molly was born -- simply disastrous.  And back then it was really only 3 of us who had to "look"; Molly was just a teeny bundle of love propped up in her swaddle.  So apparently we haven't made much progress in the last year (I have yet to get a photo of my girls together worthy of enlarging beyond a 4x6) but it these failed attempts that, in the years to come, will make albums so entertaining to flip through.

And as we looked at the rest of the day's upload, we were reminded that, before their meltdowns began, the girls' morning was filled with much happiness...beginning with the leftover nibbles from a very special visitor.

Charlotte had fun searching for her Easter goodies (she is no Magnum P.I...walked right past the food that had been emptied out of her kitchen about 5 times before we pointed it out).  And she kept screeching Ooobie Dooobie!, whatever/wherever that is from?

Molly loved reading us her Bunny Tale book.


And in the end, I got my wish...all it took was a Coney Island breakfast with their Lola and Nonno 
(not even Easter Sunday puts a kink in our weekly Leo's tradition :)

Here's to many more perfectly imperfect holidays with the ones I love most.


  1. Sorry, but I love those photos of the girls. They're just so real life. It captures exactly what Easter morning was like and no professional photographer can capture those (un)real moments like a mom can : ) And I love, love, LOVE that peekaboo photo of Molly. Such great dof!

    No clue to the SNL skit though...

  2. thanks Em :) It's Really!?! with Seth & Amy -- you can see how happy he was with me at the moment and we were already running late for church, as usual!