April 1, 2010

I wanna live where the green(?) grass grows

Those who know me well know the great lengths I've gone to in the last few years to green our household.  There are a couple things I've held out on:

1) still in search of a good eco-friendly foundation that actually provides real coverage (suggestions please ladies?), and
2) up through last summer, we were still hiring out a lawncare service that was spraying God-knows-what on our lawn 4-5 times/year (but boy did it look pretty & green :)

Well, Andy and Charlotte have big plans to expand our existing veggie & herb garden this summer.  Combined with the 20 precious piggies that are already pounding a path from the deck to the swingset, the time has come for a more natural D.I.Y. solution...We just stocked up on our Milorganite for the season (bonus: this stinky stuff is created off the shores of our very own Lake Michigan).  And the back-up plan if it doesn't work?  We'll just put in a call to this lawnboy who I spotted in my parents' neighbors' yard today -- surely this company is using an organic fertilizer as well??  Maybe I should have saved this for an Earth Day post!

1 comment:

  1. Please don't use that lawnboy. I'm sure he'll get plenty of other business.

    My friend, Kellie, has stared using Earth's Beauty. Have you tried that at all?

    Good to know about Milorganite! We're planning out our vegetable garden and lawn this weekend, so I'll mention it to Michael.